Frequently Asked Questions - Membership

FAQs - Membership
What kind of payment plans do you have?
We offer two kind of payment plans:
1) Platinum + Golden Tips: Price USD $99
2) Platinum Tip. Price USD $68
3) Golden Tip. Price USD $58
Do you send the tips by email or SMS?
No, our tips will be available at least 3 hours before the kickoff of a match. We will list down the match on all pages of our site (top right corner). You can access the tips IMMEDIATELY after payment is made. We have decided this format instead of sending you SMS and email to allow buyers to make a late decision.
Why do you only give 1 tip per match day?
We have decided to provide only 1 tip each for Platinum Tip and Golden Tip for each match day to give all our members, maximum confidence bets. This is why we achieved such high winning rates.
If the tips given lose or draw, do you offer replacement tips?
Yes, we offer 2 free replacement tips for each lose or draw tip bought. The replacement tips will be email to you on the next available match day.
Which odds are your tips based on?
All our tips are based only on the popular asian handicap odds. All odds are obtained directly from, Macau's most established and largest asian handicap bookmaker.
Can I request for a free trial tip?
Our experiences showed that users who requests for free trial tip rarely bought our paid tips. As such, we apologise that we cannot offer any free trial tip.
Can I pay using bank transfer or Western Union?
We apologise that at this moment, we only accept payments by credit card and PayPal only.
More Questions?
You are free to contact us here.